Renting? Own!


The planets are all in alignment!  The perfect storm has arrived!  Your ship has come in!  Your bet on the trifecta is a winner!


+  ZERO down payment & closing costs

+  Early RETIREMENT Plan


It’s hard to believe, but it’s really true.   This is a REAL opportunity, honest to God. I’m a rental property manager and one of the properties I manage is to be sold. Since this four-family home could be a Godsend to the right buyer, rather than just another feather in an investor’s cap, I’d like to try to find that right buyer, in order to really help them out.
This is perfect for a person with “handyman” skills. It also works for somebody not handy at all! If you earn in the $25,000 to $50,000 range per year, this could spell comfortable retirement for you in the future. If you earn less, then it’s even better for you.
There’s a lot of info here that you need to know. After that, I’m very happy to receive your email or phone call.  You can reach me at . or call my cell phone 770-345-7634.
Please note that at the bottom of this post is a section called WHAT’S NEXT. Read it to see what to do next!


  • ZERO DOWN — Financing may be available for you to buy this four family home with no money down, at a low interest rate, and without good credit, via the community support organization . You can visit their website for details. This is FIXED RATE 30-year financing with no gotcha’s. is a separate non-profit organization that doesn’t have a thing to do with me. I just found them as the financing piece of the puzzle to make this great opportunity possible.
  • FREE RENT — You live in one apartment, and collect rent from the other three. This rent will generally be MORE than you pay the mortgage company (roughly $2000/month), which means you pay about ZERO for rent.  In fact, it’s very possible that you’ll collect MORE in rent than you pay in mortgage, meaning that you actually EARN money to live here for free!
  • EARLY RETIREMENT PLAN — With a 30-year fixed mortgage, the time will come when you no longer have to pay the mortgage company, but you still get that roughly $2000/month (in today’s dollars, more in the future perhaps) in rent from the other folks. That translates into $24,000/year income! And remember, you can keep living here if you like, so it’s as if you’re earning even more because you don’t have a mortgage or rent payment to make.  So, as I said, if you’re in the $25,000 to $50,000 income range right now, this may be the perfect retirement plan for you! In fact, if you go ahead and pay rent to yourself rather than living here for free, you can pay the loan off as early as 15 years, and then RETIRE EARLY. Of course, you’ll still be doing the management work, but that’s far, far from full time work.
  • You do have to maintain the property, either by yourself or by hiring a handyman. (I have a great one to whom I can refer you.) If a toilet leaks, you fix it. That kind of thing. This is NOT a Fixer-Upper, however, so the work is not very difficult.  Everything is being kept in good working order already.  Also, the seller will provide a home warranty that covers many things, including air conditioner repair, kitchen appliances, and the like.  So, you will be substantially protected from that point of view.  Nevertheless, it’s wise to save some extra money, just in case.
  • The apartment is otherwise full right now. However, from time-to-time, somebody will move out and you’ll have to find a new resident. This will require putting up signs and perhaps putting an ad in the newspaper. My favorite is, which is FREE ADVERTISING.  Especially living on-site, you ought to be able to find a new resident within a month or two. I can recommend where to advertise, and I can recommend a background check company that you can use to help make sure you’re getting good residents. Nevertheless, when you do have a vacancy (expect one or two per year), you’ll be getting in less rent and have to make up the difference for the mortgage. Fortunately, for example, if you have only one vacancy you’ll only have to make up the difference equaling only the regular rent. Today, that’s $695/month. Because of this possible unforeseen expense, it is good to keep some money in reserve.
  • From time to time, there may be a larger expense. For example, I had to put a new central airconditioner in unit #3 in 2010. Unit #2 got a new AC back around 2007 or so. Unit #3 and #4 will eventually need new AC’s, but probably later rather than earlier. Fortunately, the seller will pay for a ONE YEAR HOME WARRANTY that would cover most large expenses like this. You can also chose to EXTEND THIS WARRANTY from year to year. The extended warranty premium should be about $700/yr to $1200/yr.
  • It would be wise to save a little extra money each month for rainy days. Remember, in general you’re paying ZERO per month for rent. Aside from putting that savings against the mortgage to retire early, you ought to save some so that your rainy day fund hopefully never runs out. While I can’t guarantee this, it seems to me that you ought to be able to average over the long term perhaps $350/month in unexpected expenses and lost rental income. That corresponds to about half normal rent. So, over the long haul you’ll have expenses that may roughly average half typical rent. I recommend making the habit of saving at least that much from the get go, or perhaps a whole month’s rent. Apply what you feel comfortable spending to pay off the mortgage early, and save the rest for unexpected expenses.
  • You don’t have to live there forever. The lender (such as NACA) will require you intend to live there for a minimum number of years. But after that, you could move out and up in the world, being better off for the time you spent there, as well as with the ongoing wealth building. You might keep the existing mortgage, refinance, or even sell, depending on your choices and desires at the time. I believe you can also do any of these before the Lender’s minimum occupancy time expires, when due to unforeseen circumstances. It is your sincere intent in the beginning that matters in this case, I believe. (Check with the Lender and your own legal and financial advisors, of course.)
  • Perhaps you noticed that the regular rent here is $695/month. If you’re currently paying $1200/month, this place won’t be as nice. It’s not so great outside, but it is reasonably nice and clean inside. Still, it’s not a house and it’s not a $900/month apartment. It is a SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD, however. I’ve had no crime problems at all since 2005 when I started managing the property.
  • The apartment is in Sugar Hill, near the intersection of Hwy 20 and Peachtree Industrial, west of Mall of Georgia.


    • If you’re interested, you should CALL ME RIGHT NOW at 770-345-7634.
    • You should also visit yourself and read about their Home Buyers Purchase Program ( It’s a step-by-step explanation of how their program works. They are a NON-PROFIT, community advocacy and homeownership organization. THEN GO TO A WORKSHOP. This will be good for you, regardless of this apartment.


  • The four-family home is just a 4-unit building in an otherwise residential neighborhood. (You know, it’s like a “duplex” but is actually a “quadraplex”.) Each apartment has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, a rather large living room, and an eat-in kitchen. Three are upstairs, and a slightly larger one is downstairs. The regular rent is $695/mo. It’s nicer inside than it looks outside. The neighborhood has no known crime problems. It’s located very close to the intersection of Ga Hwy 20 and Peachtree Industrial Blvd, in Sugar Hill, near Buford, west of Mall of Georgia and I-985 or I-85, northeast of Atlanta.

Huge Rooms, Huge Lot, Chattahoochee Access

LISTED FOR $230,000

3928 River Walk Dr., Duluth GA 30096

Spectacular Master Suite:
– Very large bedroom with sitting area: 19’x15½’
– Stone fireplace, vaulted ceilings in bed & bath
– Large deep jetted spa tub: 4’x5’
– Double vanity, lots of storage
– Large separate shower: 3’x3’
– Walk-in closet w/ lots shelves, drawers, rods

Chattahoochee River Access:
– Only a 400’ wooded walk to the Chattahoochee River
– Borders wooded federal park land

Large Private Cul-de-Sac Lot:
– 1.6+ natural wooded acres backed by creek
– 300+ ft of private wooded view across creek
– 3 Decks + elevated catwalk/deck into woods

Bigger and Better with More Land:
– 3 Large bedrooms, 3 large full bathrooms, hardwood floor in foyer, cedar/stone exterior
– Large 2-car garage; we actually squeezed in 3 cars, so there’s plenty of storage room
– Large Living Room with vaulted ceilings and real stone fireplace
– Three real stone fireplaces, wood burning with gas start, convertible to gas logs
– Large family room on lower level with full room width stone fireplace and mantel
– Superior natural gas cooking, with central air conditioning (gas heat, electric cool)
– Great schools: Berkeley Lake Elementary, Duluth Middle School, Duluth High School

Helmut Forren
Cell: 404-FREEDOM (404-373-3366)
Fax: 678-965-1776

Owner/agent holds a Georgia Real estate Salesperson license. The above information is believed to be accurate but is not warranted. Offer subject to errors, changes, ommissions, prior sales and withdrawls without notice. Equal Housing Opportunity.

Gun for Hire

Actually, “Gun for Free, Commission Later.”

I’ll analyze the numbers on numerous investment properties…

I’ll analyze the numbers on numerous investment properties in order to find the few best ones.  Then you choose one of those.  No return is guaranteed, of course, but you’ll also be learning how to analyze properties yourself, so your chances should be better!  Anyway, you don’t pay me a nickle until you purchase something.  Then, I just earn the regular real estate commission, which is normally paid by the seller, anyway.

Retire Early and Often

Well, you may actually only want to retire once, but you surely want to retire early, or at least securely.
404-Freedom Real Estate can help you develop a roadmap to that early retirement.  The general terrain looks like this:  Secure a future regular retirement; Move that retirement date forward; Move it forward again… until you retire as a multi-millionaire!